A Review of Abbott Farm in Baldwinsville, NY


Abbott Farm, Baldwinsville, NY 9-4-14_18.33.30Abbott Farm is a family owned farm in Baldwinsville, New York. I went there for boon-docking (an overnight stay for free) on September 4th. The service there was great! They were very welcoming and Abbott Farm, Baldwinsville, NY 9-4-14_8569friendly.

They have animals (chickens, goats, pigs etc.), slides, a bouncy house and great food. I had chips, a fresh made cookie, and corn on the cob. You can pick Italian prunes, apples, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and many more. In their country store they sell a lot of food and ice cream.

I recommend visiting this place because even though I was only there over night I still loved the farm.5stars

abbott farm2The farm has a great view where you can see for miles – farmland, hills and houses. The farm is very clean too. The corn is really good; the owners even told us a way to cook it in three minutes by putting it in the microwave. Those are some of the reasons I give Abbott Farm five stars out of five.

To learn more about the farm, visit

6 thoughts on “A Review of Abbott Farm in Baldwinsville, NY

  1. Jacob, what a nutritious meal you had….corn chips and a cookie. Did you try any of the fresh fruit growing on the farm? Why are the prunes called Italian prunes? How are they different than regular prunes? How are you enjoying your adventures so far? xo

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    • I tried the corn but none of the fresh fruit. I dont know why they are called but my guess would be the color and yes it has been fun with the places we have visited on the trips but we have not gone on any more walks because we have been in the cities


  2. Nice blog post Jacob! Can you share with us how to cook the corn in 3 minutes in the microwave? Did they peel it first? Did you try the prunes? I’m excited to read about the places you go.

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    • What you do is you put the corn in the microwave and then after the 3 minutes take it out and peel it. The husk kind of acts like tin foil and cooks it. no i didnt try the prunes because they were not ready when we were there


  3. Jacob, I love the layout of your blog post. I like how you added pictures along with your description.


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