Place Your Vote for the Most Interesting Person


This is not a review, but a chance to vote on the top five most interesting people I have seen so far. You pick who gets the top spot. We have seen several interesting people on our trip so far. Here they are in random order:

  • Hey Guy: In Massachusetts we pulled into a gas station and before my dad even got out of the truck some guy was shouting at us saying “hey guy” over and over again. When my dad did not answer the guy started to say “hey lady” until my dad finally went over and asked him what he wanted. He started asking about Stonewall Surveying wondering where it was located and talked for at least 10 minutes until he understood more about the company.
  • Bad Mom: When we were coming back from Sprinkles Cupcakes in Chicago, we were walking down the sidewalk and on the other side of the street a mother was having her kid pee on a telephone pole on a busy street.
  • Telephone Pole Guy: In Chicago, right before we got to Wrigley Field, we saw a guy across the street walk over and start hitting and swearing at a telephone pole. We don’t know why he was doing this but it was a strange thing to see.
  • Road Rage: Driving through Ohio one day we stopped at a red light. In front of us a guy looked out his window at the car next to him and threw his cigarette at him, swore at him, stuck out his tongue at him, then flipped him off and drove off.
  • “Jamaican” Guy: Driving through Massachusetts we saw something that looked like a lawn ornament or an early Halloween decoration. As soon as we drove by, we noticed it was a person because he moved. He was sitting in a lawn chair squirting the cars going by with a mini squirt gun. He looked like a “Jamaican” guy with the funny looking hat. Since we were all staring at him we waved so we didn’t look rude; he waved back.

Please leave a comment below with your top pick for Most Interesting Person. Top choices to be revealed in a future post. I will also tell you my favorite at that time. Thanks for voting!


13 thoughts on “Place Your Vote for the Most Interesting Person

  1. Jamaican Guy!
    (Though they all seem pretty interesting- I think it’s cool that you’re getting the chance to see and interact with so many different types of people, opens your eyes a bit I bet!) Keep enjoying your trip, I’m enjoying vicariously living it through you all! 🙂


  2. So hard to pick!! Oh my goodness!! I want to pick the Jamaican guy because he seems like the nice one (except for the guy asking about your dad’s business) But the bad mom one made me laugh. So I’ll pick her.


  3. I pick Jamaican guy because I saw him too. He was colorful and friendly, and we all did think he was a statue until he moved. Hope you see many more “colorful” peopleo on your trip. …ones that will leave a lasting impression like the 2 people from NH who will be visiting you in California in December!


  4. “Jamaican” Guy sounds like the most interesting to me


  5. I vote for Jamaican Guy. Reminds me of a guy who lived in Epping everyone knew as Waving Guy. He would sit on his porch and wave at everyone who passed. Everyone waved back.


  6. Aren’t human beings interesting? I think my vote goes to the telephone guy- would love to know what he and the pole were conversing about! (I live in a rural area so peeing in public is not so unusual…) Can’t wait to hear your impressions of Vegas.


  7. Bad Mom cracked me up so she gets my vote but I gotta admit I liked Jamaican guy too!


  8. Bad Mom because that’s funny and sometimes you just gave to go.

    My mom votes for Jamaican Guy because that too is funny.


  9. Jamaican guy


  10. I’m going with Hey Guy! He seems quite an interesting character who has limited communication skills. Can’t wait for the next “most interesting” post.


  11. The guy fighting the pole


  12. I vote for bad mom!


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