Review of Downtown Boise, Idaho


Boise treesOn October 7th we visited downtown Boise, Idaho. The capital city looks like an oasis because on the outside it’s all brown grass hills. Then when you peer over the hills down into the valley where Boise is it’s all trees.

In downtown Boise there is a brewery trail, which doesn’t appeal to me but there were shops for everyone like chocolate shops, sports shops, and multi-purpose stores. We went to The Chocolate BarA boise capital bldgCupcake Paradise and MCU Sports Shop. All of these places were great. I got chocolate truffles, a cupcake, and baseball equipment. The truffles and cupcake were really good.

4starsEveryone we met in Boise was very nice and they all started conversations with us and asked us about our trip and other stuff like that. I give downtown Boise 4 out of 5 stars because it would be a fun place to go back to again. However it does not have everything because it is smaller and in the middle of nowhere, so it would take a while from every direction to get there.


4 thoughts on “Review of Downtown Boise, Idaho

  1. What kind of baseball gear did you get? Did you dad get to check out the brewery trail?


  2. Hi Jacob, what is that impressive building pictured in your blog? Did you go inside? What did people want to know about your trip? What was it that made the people so nice?


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