Olympic National Park in Washington State

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Olympic National ParkDuring the week of October 19th – 25th, we went to Olympic National Park in Washington state. In Olympic National Park there are not only snowy and rocky mountains but there is also a rain forest and water falls throughout the park.

We did two of the major water fall hikes, Sol Duc Falls and Marymere Falls. The Sol Duc waterfall is a two mile hike round trip, which is not tall but wide Olympic National Park - Sol Duc Fallsand rushes water really fast – kind of like a mini Niagara Falls.

Marymere Falls was really tall and skinny like a mini Angel Falls in Venezuela.

We also went to the Hoh Rain Forest where it always seems to rain and there is moss everywhere. The trees are really tall and wide.Olympic National Park - Hoh Rain Forest Some of the cool things we learned is that the rain forest receives 144 inches annual rain fall, and Olympic National Park has the biggest dam removal in the world. We also saw Roosevelt Elk, which is the biggest elk in North America.

Olympic National Park - La PushWe also visited the beaches in La Push, Washington. The ocean was much different than the East Coast. There were pine trees on the beach and big tall islands in the water. There were also big boulders with trees in the water.

My favorite part was the rain forest and the ocean. Overall, I rate Olympic National Park 4 stars out of 5. Everything was pretty cool but it was all spread out so it took a while to get to each thing, 4starsbut that is common in most National Parks.


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