A review of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, CA


Alcatraz_3897Alcatraz Island, located in the San Francisco Bay, is not only a prison but it is now a National Park.

Before it was a prison, Alcatraz was a fort called Fort Alcatraz in the Civil War not only to defend the gold but to keep out Confederates. Alcatraz was set as a prison in the year 1934. In 1963 it was shut down and became a Native American Reservation.

Alcatraz is Spanish for pelican and is also nicknamed the rock for being such a rocky island. Alcatraz is home to over 50 species of different birds and has a lot of wildlife. When Alcatraz was a prison it had a whole community with a few hundred people in it. The island was home to mostly the jailers or guard’s families. Research shows that the families said it was like living in a town with a bad neighborhood.

My family and I went to Alcatraz Island in November. What you have to do is take a ferry to the island then explore it and leave when you want. On the island there are nature trails with vast Alcatraz 2014-11-23 14.00.59amounts of birds and plants. If you look close enough you may even see a fish or a shark because there are five species of shark in San Francisco Bay.

Alcatraz_4013There are also walks through the remains of the fort and school house and the main attraction – the cell house. In the cell house there is a 45 minute audio tour that takes you through the entire cell house and gives you a brief history of the place, including attempted escapes, battles, and voices from the guards and the inmates. I highly recommend the tour because it is an easy fun way to learn about the prison.

I give Alcatraz Island 4 out of 5 stars because it was very cool to see the island in person and feel the history that was there. I would give it 5 stars but the tour was very expensive and there is no parking at the ferry; there is only parking garages and street parking a little ways away.


3 thoughts on “A review of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, CA

  1. Very cool review Jacob. I have always wanted to visit Alcatraz Island…you told me things here that I never knew. I did not know families lived there on the island. I thought the only thing on the island was the prison. You are getting to see some really neat stuff on your trip.


  2. Great Review, Jacob! I LOVED Alcatraz! We were staying nearby, but got the timing wrong and had to sprint to the ferry! We made it, thank goodness! It was a beautiful day and loved the history! We walked around the island a bit but it did start to get crowded so we were happy to leave after a few hours. What was your favorite part? Mine was taking a picture of Greg in “the hole” lol.


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