A Review of Hollywood Boulevard in California

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Hollywood SignWhen I think about Hollywood Boulevard in California, I think of a nice long street with lots of lights and nice buildings. But it’s almost the opposite. It is very dirty and not very appealing. At night it gets very crowded; people are rude and there’s not much to do without spending hundreds of dollars. Prices for food or souvenirs are tripled and they aren’t as nice or as good of quality. There are hundreds of pan handlers. For every star on the walk of fame there is someone trying to sell you something. They don’t say that it cost money they say “a picture for donations” so it’s mandatory.Hollywood Star

I was approached by someone and he said “here have my FREE CD.” He wrote my name on it and handed it to me. After that he asked “do you have money to give me now.” I told him I didn’t have any money so he took it back and walked away. Another guy dressed like Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street approached my 10-year-old bother and asked him if he wanted a picture with him. He said yes then the man went over to my parents and said I pose for money; we walked away.1star

Hollywood StripThe streets were so crowded that it took over an hour to walk a block. Don’t even get me started about the Starbucks line. I give Hollywood 1 star out of 5, 0 if possible. Hollywood is a place I will not go back to.

Places to go around the area instead of Hollywood Boulevard :

Universal Studios City Walk: This was by far my favorite shopping area. Not very crowded, and many shops and restaurants located right outside the park. It was very clean and was nice. All the buildings were unique and there was a bunch of lights. 5 stars

Santa Monica Pier: The End or Start of Route 66 as well as many rides, shops, games and restaurants right on the beach in a very nice area. 4 starsHollywood Night

Downtown Disney CA: Located in the nearby city of Anaheim next to the Disneyland theme parks. There are shops, restaurants, and many lights. This is a great place to visit with many shops from Disney to sports. 4 stars


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