A Review of the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada


Las Vegas SignThe Las Vegas strip is a very weird and interesting place and one of my favorites. Not only is it clean compared to Hollywood Boulevard, but there is stuff for everyone to do from shows to shops to rides.

There are lights everywhere and people in costumes. There are so many things to do that it would take about a week to see the whole strip. All of the Las Vegas cuphotels are either high end or themed. I5stars recommend taking the tram around the strip because we walked 12 miles in one day and didn’t even see half of the strip. There are many different restaurants and cafes. Shops vary from Ice and Oxygen Bars to high-end clothes and jewelry stores. I loved Las Vegas and I think everyone should get a chance to visit. I give it 5 stars out of 5.

Interesting people Las Vegas edition. Please vote for your favorite:

Ghetto Elmo: On the streets of Las Vegas there was an overweight looking Elmo with chains around his neck. He was going around harassing people for money when they walked by.Las Vegas

Cowboy fan: Leaving Caesars palace there was a cowboy fan jumping around hitting signs and screaming at the top of his lungs about the recent Cowboy playoff win.

Anything for money: On the side of the street these few guys were holding up signs that said “a kick in the nuts for money”. If you paid them, you could kick them where they shouldn’t be kicked.

Las Vegas VenetianR rated advertisers: On pretty much every turn we took there were men and women, most over the age of 60, handing out nude pictures of women advertising strip clubs and night clubs. They were handing them out to almost everyone there no matter what age. By 8:00pm the advertisements were all over the ground everywhere.

Pete Rose: At a store in the shopping plaza between Mandalay Bay and Luxor there was a music/sports store where you could find Pete Rose and meet him for $75 minimum. The person running this event said “imagine if it was someone like Ted Williams wouldn’t you want to meet him?” Comparing one of the greatest hitters of all time to someone who bet against his own team to win the World Series.

Drunk Gambler: Outside of Harrahs Hotel there was a guy swearing at the hotel. He said the “F word” about four times yelling out loud in a crowded area. We assumed he lost money in the casino.


2 thoughts on “A Review of the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

  1. I think the Cowboys fan might be my favorite. I really liked this review…… shows me a whole side of the strip that I never would have guessed. Do you think you’ll go back as an adult, Jacob?


  2. I like the card-pushers the best. They make a little flipping noise with the cards to get your attention. My boyfriend tried flipping his business cards and trying to hand them out back to them. Lol. A couple weeks ago when we were walking on the strip, I took the advice of a comedian and started collecting every card that was offered to me. Before long, I had a deck of over 52 cards, each double-sided with all different women with names like “Amber” and “Brianna.”


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