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My Visit to Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ

Chase Field 2015-01-16 11.17.02When we got into Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the field was covered with dirt for the Monster truck event. This was disappointing because we didn’t get to see the field, but we took a walk around the park, went into the press room, one of the suites, and the home team’s dugout.

It was fun to see the whole stadium, and it was air conditioned. It was a very big building because it was a dome, and it smelled fresh in there. In the Chase Field 2015-01-16 12.07.32stadium there was a pool, fitness center, and a TGIFridays overlooking the field. The tour is $9 per person.4stars

I give Chase Field 4 stars because the tour was fun, but I could not see the field and the gift shop was closed. The field was one of the nicer ones located right outside of downtown Phoenix; in the summer people pass out ice water because it can get to over 110 degrees. The dome costs less than $5 each time to close and open so if you by a hot dog you have paid for the roof to open or close.

Chase Field 2015-01-16 11.10.19


A Review of Safeco Field


Jacob standing in front of Safeco Field – that is him in the red shirt.


Visitor’s locker room. According to our tour guide, this locker and chair is reserved for Mike Trout from the Angels when he comes to town.

On October 19, 2014, we went to Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington where the Mariners baseball team plays. The tour took us around home plate, the owner’s suite, the visitor’s dugout, locker room and the press box.

The Wrigley Field tour I went on in September took us more places and it was a lot older of a park than Safeco Field. Safeco Field was much bigger and more advanced than Wrigley Field though.


Visitor’s dugout

Over all the tour was pretty good because of all of the places we got to see. There were only two other people in our tour group so we got to see more things. People were test driving Ford cars on the warning track of the field 3starsso it ruined some of the appeal of the stadium. We did not get to go onto the field for more than a minute because of the cars. I give the Safeco Field tour 3 out of 5 stars.


Wrigley Field – a Tour of America’s 2nd Oldest Ballpark

Wrigley Field 2014-09-09_13-08-55On September 9th, my family and I toured Wrigley Field (Cubs stadium) in Chicago, IL on its 100th year anniversary. Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark in the U.S.; Fenway in Boston, MA is the Wrigley Field 2014-09-09_15-31-03oldest. We had a blast. Our guide Harry gave us a tour of the field, the bleachers and the seats. He also gave us a brief history of the park.

After that, we toured the announcer’s box where our guide told us that this press box was the second smallest of all stadiums in the U.S. The smallest is at Fenway. Then we walked through the visitors’ and home teams’ locker rooms. In my opinion, the home team lockers were much nicer.

At the end of the tour, we got to see the home team’s dugout and the field, which was the best part. It was cool being in a place where the Cubs baseball players sit and play. You could imagine them beingWrigley Field 2014-09-09_15-19-14 there.

Wrigley Field is not like other ballparks. There are very few ads on the walls, the score board is manually run, and it seats just over 41,000 people. This park also has a lot of history. For instance, it has the oldest concession stand, which is still there today, and one of the owners also owned 4starsWrigley’s gum. I recommend going there if you are in the Chicago area because it is a great experience and a fun tour to see the field and learn about the history.

I give the tour at Wrigley Field four stars out of five because it is very expensive, but it is worth the cost and the guide was very friendly. For more information go to